Religion in Morocco

Religion in Morocco

In , about a century after the Arab conquest of North Africa, a series of Moroccan Muslim dynasties began to rule in Morocco. The Alaouite Dynasty, to which the current Moroccan royal family belongs, dates from the 17th century. In , Spain occupied northern Morocco and ushered in a half-century of trade rivalry among European powers that saw Morocco’s sovereignty steadily erode; in , the French imposed a protectorate over the country. A protracted independence struggle with France ended successfully in The internationalized city of Tangier and most Spanish possessions were turned over to the new country that same year. King MOHAMMED VI in early responded to the spread of pro-democracy protests in the region by implementing a reform program that included a new constitution, passed by popular referendum in July , under which some new powers were extended to parliament and the prime minister, but ultimate authority remains in the hands of the monarch. In November , the Justice and Development Party PJD – a moderate Islamist party – won the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections, becoming the first Islamist party to lead the Moroccan Government. In September , Morocco held its first direct elections for regional councils, one of the reforms included in the constitution. The PJD again won the largest number of seats in nationwide parliamentary elections in October Morocco is undergoing a demographic transition.

Transgender beauty influencer outs gay men in Morocco, sparking widespread fear

On the whole, Moroccans are tolerant and extremely hospitable. Though most people are religious, they are generally easy-going. Avoid, for example, wearing revealing clothes, kissing and cuddling in public, or eating or smoking in the street during Ramadan.

A traditional Moroccan marriage has three steps, often spaced out The formula of marriage is changing in Morocco, as young people start dating more a Muslim woman to marry outside of her religion or for a Moroccan to.

Was just going through the information on the Foreign Office website and came across the following:. Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco. Sexual relations outside marriage are also punishable by law. The part I am concerned about is the 2nd sentence, myself female and partner male are looking to go to Morocco, probably Agadir and this concerned me a bit. I know in countries like Dubai it is also an issue and you hear of unmarried couples who end up in hot water.

Is this likely to be an issue in Agadir? Sorry angelben you can assume nothing of the sort. Please do not apportion European and North American attitudes to the rest of the world. In fact there are many in those parts of the world who cannot cope with the idea of same sex and unmarried relationships. You should always be prepared to accept that attitudes are different from what you perceive as an ideal.

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Founded in —72 by the Almoravids, Marrakesh remained a political, economic and cultural centre for a long period. Its influence was felt throughout the western Muslim world, from North Africa to Andalusia. It has several impressive monuments dating from that period: the Koutoubiya Mosque, the Kasbah, the battlements, monumental doors, gardens, etc. Marrakesh werd gesticht in door de Almoraviden.

Marrakesh heeft een aantal indrukwekkende monumenten zoals de Koutoubiya moskee, de Kasbah, de kantelen, monumentale deuren en tuinen.

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Other Major towns and cities include Tangier and Agadir. Fes, the second largest city of Morocco with an estimated population of 1. Fes was originally founded on one side of the Jawhar river between and A. The two sites were heavily populated as a result of Arab emigration to Fes in the 9th Century thus giving the city its Arabic rather than Berber character and, over the centuries, the two sites grew into one city separated by only their walls.

The Medina of Fez is considered as one of the most extensive and best conserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world. Within the World Heritage Site stands the University of Al Quaraouiyine that was founded in and considered to be the oldest still functioning university in the world. Marrakech is the fourth largest city after Casablanca, Fes and Tangiers. In 12th century the Almoravids built many of the Koranic Schools madrasas and Mosques and the city rapidly grew to become a key cultural, religious and trading centre for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa.

Like most Moroccan cities, Marrakech consists of a medina old walled city and modern areas such as Gueliz and Hivenage. Marrakesh was, for a long time, a major political, economic and cultural centre of the western Muslim world.

Bizarre Ways to Get Arrested in Morocco

The main religion in Morocco is Islam , which is the state religion , although freedom of religious belief is also guaranteed to all. Only a fraction of the former number of Jews have remained in the country, many having moved to Israel. Article 6 of the Moroccan constitution states that Islam is official religion of the state.

Moor, in English usage, a Moroccan or, formerly, a member of the Muslim culture of Muslim Andalusia and North Africa dating from the 11th century onward​.

Unfortunately, the process can be quite complicated, frustrating, and stressful. Each country has their own specific procedures for their citizens who wish to marry Moroccans , but Western countries generally follow the same guidelines. The following steps specifically pertain to Americans looking to get married in Morocco to a Moroccan citizen.

Keep in mind that your future Moroccan spouse needs his or her own set of documents as required by Moroccan law. Some of these can only be obtained in the town of his or her birth. If you do not live in Morocco, you must be sure that you have everything you need before you arrive. You should also give yourself ample time to complete the process in Morocco. Some sources say that two weeks is enough to pull off a marriage in Morocco , but I think this is pushing it.

You only need to go once, if all goes well. You will spend a few hours there. Your future spouse cannot come inside with you. The staff seems to only speak French or Arabic, so this may be intimidating for only-English speakers like myself. However, everyone working there was very kind. Your spouse cannot go inside with you but he or she can explain what you need to the guards.

Medina of Marrakesh

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Apps are becoming increasingly popular for Muslims to find their Muslim women are defining their future using ‘halal dating apps’ [Getty].

So how much gay travel is there in Morocco? Morocco has a romantic reputation as an excellent destination for mostly French and German tourists, but not necessarily a gay-friendly destination. Travel and tourism are strongly supported by the current monarch, Mohammed VI, who hopes to double the tourist visits to Morocco to 20 plus million annual holidays in the next five years. OUT specializes in small group adventure travel for gay men, their friends, and family and organized our day journey through Morocco.

The idea of not having a wife and kids is alien to many Morrocan gay men. Although times have changed, homosexuality is still illegal in Morocco, where same-sex relationships of any kind outside of traditional marriage are considered a criminal act; gays and lesbians are brutally accustomed to feelings of peril, rejection and possibly death. Many keep their sexual identities entirely under wraps.

Morocco Instagram influencer apologises for role in outing of gay men

Little information on marriages between non-Muslim men and Muslim women could be found by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. However, the following information could be useful. According to a 19 August article in Aujourd’hui le Maroc , there are no religious restrictions on mixed marriages between Moroccan men and foreign women. However, there are restrictions on marriages between Moroccan women and foreign men-non-Muslim men are not allowed to marry Muslim women without converting to Islam Aujourd’hui le Maroc 19 Aug.

In addition, children born of marriages between Moroccan women and foreign men do not have Moroccan citizenship ibid.

Certain tenets are shared in North Africa that articulate Maghribi Mediterranean patterns of conceptualisation of power relations in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and​.

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Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Reported acts that occurred in private usually result in a prison sentence of a year. If remarks are made publicly, the sentence is typically increased to three years. The Moroccan dirham is a closed currency, meaning that it cannot be traded outside of the kingdom. US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling are easily exchanged inside Morocco, and ATMs are widely available. The chances of getting into trouble increase, however, if one or both parties are Moroccan nationals.

Article 10 states that all Moroccan laws apply to foreigners in Morocco, although generally this law is not applied so strictly to foreigners, especially if neither is from an Islamic nation. Places that let unmarried couples stay are in breach of the law. Furthermore, article sets jail time for adulterers. To protect foreigners from unlicensed guides and also to prevent Moroccans from engaging in illicit relationships out of wedlock, police may stop locals that they see in the company of foreigners.

It is, however, possible to register with the local authorities and receive paperwork that will negate any potential hassle if stopped. People can only fly drones if they have applied for special permission from the necessary authorities the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority.

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Diana Alghoul. Muslim women are defining their future using ‘halal dating apps’ [Getty]. Date of publication: 14 February, A month later, they met in person, and two months after, they were married.

The author reflects on the challenges faced by young women in the country of her birth, where extramarital sex is a criminal offence.

Closeted gay and bisexual men are being publicly outed in the North African kingdom of Morocco, where homosexuality is illegal, as a social media campaign spearheaded by a controversial transgender beauty influencer is taking hold. Earlier this month, Naoufal Moussa, also known as Sofia Taloni, encouraged her hundreds of thousands of mainly female Instagram followers to set up fake profiles on the gay dating apps Grindr and Planet Romeo to “catfish” the men closest to them — their brothers, sons, husbands and neighbors.

Moussa urged them to do so after she herself had received transphobic messages, and she was reported to have said in a subsequent video that she had hoped that exposing closeted men would make Moroccans realize how common homosexuality is in the Islamic country. This is the instagram influencer naoufalmoussa exposing the gay dating apps and telling girls how to catfish gay men pic. The identities of the unsuspecting men were reported to have been uploaded online and shared via the messaging platform WhatsApp, casting a dark cloud over Morocco’s LGBTQ community.

The timing of the campaign, which started in mid-April, has been particularly worrisome, as many young Moroccans living freely in Europe have returned to quarantine with their religious families during the coronavirus pandemic. Already, there have been reports from news outlets and the international rights group Human Rights Watch of suicide , death threats and forced evictions in the country, where being gay is punishable by up to three years in prison. NBC News has not confirmed the reports.

Following the outing campaign, Human Rights Watch called on the Moroccan government to repeal Article of its constitution, which punishes same-sex relations or what it calls “sexual deviancy”. Human Rights Watch said a year-old university student told the organization that after he was outed online, his brother, with whom he was living, kicked him out of the house. According to a report from Agence France-Presse, local police are beginning to investigate the outing campaign.

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